The objectives of OSIRIS where to carry out new generations of 2D and 3D projection systems.

Welcome to the OSIRIS project, an IST-FP6 Integrated Project (IST-33799 IP)

Original System for Image Rendition via Innovative Screens

The objectives of OSIRIS are to carry out new generations of 2D and 3D projection systems, with the help of innovative components technologies. This includes the realization of a common technological platform aiming at providing solutions for a broad range of applications. (TV, Cinema, Games, Advertising, Design Centers,…)
OSIRIS has started in January 2007 and will ended in April 2010.

It is the ONLY research Programme Worldwide targeting a full range of innovative projection systems:

  • Free view point 3D projection technologies
  • 3D RPTV prototype with continuous parallax in 70o Field Of View w/o glasses
  • 3D Digital Cinema equivalent to 10-15 views w/o glasses
  • 3D Multi view Acquisition systems
  • Next generation 3D cameras
  • To feed content to above displays
  • Ultra Slim RPTV concepts
  • 50 inch Screen size
  • HD resolution
  • 6 inch depth
  • 500 lm Brightness
  • Tiled Projection Systems
  • Using innovative screen technologies from OSIRIS
  • And developing new concepts for reducing screen gaps
  • Laser Projectors
  • Using new laser modules from OSIRIS
  • And developing new concepts for speckle mitigation

To fulfill these challenging objectives a technological platform is being developed including: 

  • Novel light source based on LED or Laser diodes to replace the lamp
  • New screen approaches based on Interference lithography and holography
  • 3D capture and rendering of natural scenes.